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B. D A V I S

I attempted to journal tonight. It was the first entry since the day Brandon died (and on that day the only thing I wrote was that maybe I'd have words tomorrow). I try to journal my prayers every single day, but the past week has been speechless. I still feel speechless, but I wanted to journal sooner rather than later.

Before going to Laurel to mourn the loss of our close friend, my solemnity was sporadic in nature. Yes, there was an overarching sadness. But his death felt so unreal that I couldn't rightly accept it. Yesterday and today, since having been to Mississippi, I feel a film of depression over me. It is sadness that is deep and constant. There are no genuine smiles yet.

Being in Laurel was surreal. We drove to Atlanta Sunday morning and picked up Jay and Laura from the airport. We had a wonderful drive down. We had ups and downs, laughs and close cries. We reminisced and praised. When we got into Laurel, we went straight to Jay's sister's house for dinner. …

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