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E f f e c t s . o f . n o s t a l g i a

I sit on this grey couch in 409A, active and aware. Cross-legged, blanket, pillow, then journal. Wet hair, drying quicker from the open window. Long-sleeve shirt - it's October. Longing for small town USA and irrevocably conscious that I have it, and it's potentially perfect. Increasingly aware that the Father thoughtfully placed us in this city as Chris and Erin Collins. Currently sipping on local coffee Christopher brought home from his morning run with Jason. It's Saturday. Iron and Wine, the new acoustic album, is playing low. Birds active outside; leaves rustling down the street as the wind blows. It's overcast. I know the city is bustling today, less than a mile away. Holy Spirit has been high on my tongue for weeks. I'm recounting the details of all my closest friendships. Hoping one day I will have it here, in Chattanooga, friends I can visit unannounced all day on a Saturday.

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