g u t s

2015 has been one of the worst years of my life, but I have a big smile on my face.  I don't want to harp on what has made this year terrible. Life is so fun right now, no matter the misfortune we've had.  I turned twenty-five about a month ago and twenty-five has been good to me.  It's so much fun to be married and own a house and have a dog.  Hanging out with Christopher everyday is the best.  This time in our life is so valuable to me.  IT'S SO FUN!! I'm having a hard time putting it any other way.  

I've come more alive since I turned 25.  Mostly due to my adrenals being replenished for the first time since I was probably twelve years old.  I got checked by an Applied Kinesiologist in Chris's class which led to discovering that my adrenals had been depleted for a super long time.  He recommended I take desiccated bovine adrenals and I'm so thankful! I only took about a month's supply in August/September and it has changed my life. I finally have energy.  I finally can wake up totally refreshed at 5:00am instead of groggy at 9:00am.  I get off work and have the energy to walk the dog or cook or clean. It's amazing!  I also got tested with the raw milk I used to drink religiously.  Turned out it was weakening me because of the lactose.  So I started fermenting it and making kefir.  Now THAT has changed my life. I feel a million times better since I started drinking it.  And it really fills me up; I don't get as hungry as often.  I feel like it's exactly what my body has been needing for years - that it has all the nutrients my body was lacking. It's super-strength for your gut which I'm learning is extremely important.  I think my gut has been unhealthy for a while and I want to heal it.

I've been learning about gut health here and there for the past three years.  Slowly I gather more and more information about it. I've learned that you won't implement anything truly until the perfect piece of information crosses your path at the perfect time. Did you know that your gut health directly related to your brain health?  Your gut is known as the "second brain"! That's how important it is!  And Americans destroy their guts; they overload on sugar and wheat and dairy.  They don't incorporate fermentation regularly.  It's awful how far we've come away from traditional diets that are proven to be so much better for us.  We're the sickest nation in the world, but we won't change our diets.  Anyway, gut health is amazing and I'm an advocate!

So through one awful year, I am trying to find the good in it despite the bad. The Lord is lovely the way he encourages and allows us to do that. I'm starting to focus on my well-being more.  I'm going to start meditating, doing yoga again, reading in the Bible more, eating well, and exercising. It's hard to blog in the hard times.  I want to get better at it, but I'm not there yet.


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