I aspire many things for my life.  The first being that I stay on track; I want to live in the Lord's will for me - his perfect will.  I desire to be compassionate and caring.  I desire to be confident and cheerful.

I aspire to be a Proverbs 31 woman.  And know Wisdom as my dearest friend.

We are now living in South Carolina since our upbringings in Mississippi have settled.
However, if Christopher and I, by the grace of God, inherited the old Webb house and farm, I would be thoroughly content and quite full of joy in the green of Mississippi again.  I will not be surprised if there are a few different states/homes for us between now and then.

Webb House
As for career aspirations, I went to school to be a potter really.  My ultimate goal is to have my own pottery studio and shop.  My dear Christopher recently received his doctorate in Chiropractic and we plan to open a practice in the next few months. We believe in upper cervical chiropractic whole-heartedly.

I am an avid health researcher.  We follow the Weston Price diet primarily.  Physical, spiritual, and mental wellness are passions of mine.  Because of this, I have considered getting my Masters of Science in Traditional Nutrition and one day becoming a yoga instructor.

I aspire a lot of things, but the only one that matters is that my eyes are fixed on him.


  1. I love everything about this post darling! I love your aspirations...I love that you are an artist, and that you believe in such holistic health, me too!!! Love you girl, love Katie


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