It Happened - Webb House 1871

Today was the day! :)

My sister and I went to the old Webb house.  My grandmother told us that my great grandfather was actually born and raised there.  It used to be a dairy farm as well.  My dream for the past few weeks has been to go check it out to see if Christopher and I could take our engagement photos there - the answer became yes today!  We called the guy that has the key and he is willing to let us inside the house to take pictures!

I. Am. So. Thrilled!

Family is so important to me.  This house is so important to me.  It's so so amazing!

And I'm pretty sure Adam and Alli are going to be quite excited as well :)

Prepare yourselves ---



  1. How cool is that. As I was looking through all the pictures a beautiful (made up, of course) story of the lives of those who once lived there began to play in my head! Thanks for sharing : ). I am so excited that you and Chris are getting to take your engagement pictures there and that you and your sister got to visit today! What a special moment!


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