I don't know if you can tell, but I sort of live for the weekends these days ;)

School is really stressful and not very fun, so I really enjoy going to Jackson most weekends to visit my love and our families.  Only three more weeks of school!  Who's excited? - This girl!

Anyway, I'm excited about this weekend.  One of my best friends from high school is getting married - and man, is it going to be amazing!  Jordan, I'm pretty positive, is an angel.  (He's a guy by the way)  So I'm sure this wedding is going to be so very lovely and perfectly wonderful.  Jordan is one of the most joyful, level-headed, always has perfect advice, loves the Lord type of man.  I'm not sure if that was a legitimate sentence, but I think you get my point.  I'll be sure to post some pictures :)

Also!  Tuesday is my dear Christopher's birthday!  I bought him some really awesome shoes last week for his birthday, but I'm going to take him out tomorrow night for a nice dinner at one of my favorite places :) I'm very excited.  Chris and I love getting dressed up and having a nice meal together.

In the midst of writing this post, I received news from my roommate that one of her friend's mother's just committed suicide.  We've been praying against it this week because several things led us to believe she was wanting to, but this is just so sad.  Please be praying for him - that the scars that could potentially come upon his heart would be healed in Jesus name before they even have time to settle in.  That any wounds that have come before or after this terrible tragedy would be healed in Jesus name.
This is so so sad..  My heart feels so... broken..


  1. Erin:) Thank you for your sweet words! I'm excited to start following you too! AND...Tuesday is my husband Kevin's birthday! how fun both our sweet men share the same special day. I'm surprising Kevin this weekend and am taking him to Catalina Island (off the coast by where we live!) I'm so excited. I'll share more next week on that.

    and...i'll be lifting up your friends family in prayer for sure.

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and have a very happy birthday tomorrow to celebrate! I live for the weekends too, I think that's just the way life works, unfortunately. I hope this week goes by super fast!


    PS- I am so sorry to hear about your friends mother. That is such sad news.


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