Wedding Shower (a.k.a. Most Amazing Get Together Ever)

Lovely Bridesmaids
This weekend was magical - really!  :)  We had our first wedding shower on Saturday and man, was it p.e.r.f.e.c.t.  Seriously, I haven't had a more loving, peaceful, restful, giving, time of community and true friendship in - quite possibly ever.  My bridesmaids mean the world to me - each and every one is like a flower that completes the bouquet of my heart ;) Cheesy maybe, but true - it just came to me.  If you haven't read about them yet, be sure to make it happen on our wedding website!

Kelly and her sweet mama, Mrs. Donna put together this shower that I don't even think they knew how amazing it would be.  Seriously, I can't even describe it in adequate words.  It was so special because of all the people who came to support us and just love on us.  Friends and family have such a deep place in my heart, so seeing and feeling the love radiating off of them at our shower was so special and touching to me.

Sweet Mrs. Donna

Dearest Kelly and Collette

Christopher and I received so many truly incredible gifts!  When we registered, for some reason, I just felt like we weren't going to get a lot of the things we asked for.  I underestimated love.  We got so very many wonderful gifts, I couldn't thank everyone enough.  Most people dread the thank-you-note-writing stage, but I cannot wait!  I'm so excited to tell everyone how appreciative we are and how much it meant to us that they came!  :) Eek!


Anna and Ryan taking engagement photos ;) It's why I love them

 Missy takes too many cute pictures ;)
Two of the most joyful women I know ;) I love them
Cute thing. (On the right of course)

Anyway, on Saturday night, my sister and I stayed up real late to finish printing/cutting/taping the invitations!  She also made me some adorable thank you cards :)  I finished stuffing and stamping the invitations today, minus four that I don't have addresses for yet.  :)  I'm quite excited to send them out!

P.S. - Happy Birthday Mr. Michael!!


  1. reading your blog always brings joy to my long boring work days...ahh! Im so glad you had such a magical shower, and it makes me smile real thissssss :D ;D ;D ;D


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