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Another busy weekend finished.

May I say that I am happy about it? 

College is tough, busy, time consuming, stressful.  Wedding planning is one in the same.

I'll just leave it at: I cannot wait to be married to Christopher.  Seriously. 

I've never heard anyone talk about how it is to be engaged, whether they're currently engaged or already married.  It's quite frankly one of the hardest things I've ever encountered.  Christopher and I are like forest fires with a river in between so we can't get to each other.  I knew love like this was possible, but I almost wouldn't wish it on anyone unless they were able to get married very quickly.  Does that make sense? ;)  I thought a six month engagement would be a good amount of time to plan and prepare and do all the stuff I thought I would have to do before I could be married.  Wrong.  Six months is way too long to be engaged. 

Word of advice: Get married as soon as you know it's the Lord's will.  Three to six months max to be engaged.  I'm serious guys.  The love of the Lord is a very hard thing to hold back and keep contained.  It wasn't designed to be contained. 

June 3rd will not come quick enough :) but oh how I will rejoice when it does!

On another note,
We had another shower this weekend - the second and last.  It was lovely.

Grandma Bonnie gave me her stemware from when she got married to my grandfather at 22.  It is 60 years old and called Elise :)  It was the sweetest gift ever - really.

The lovely ladies who threw the shower for me
Tears shed over the stemware ;)
My Grandmothers ;)
Coolest pottery. Ever.
McCarty Pottery!
I feel like a real wife owning this ;)
Chris's Sweet Mom and Mimi
My Mama
The Grandmothers

Also, Christopher and I worked the photobooth all weekend at Malco for the Crossroads Film Festival.  Chris worked a whole lot more than I did, but it was fun to say the least!

We also went to our dear friend Emily's wedding.  Can I just say that it was the most beautiful wedding?  Seriously.  Small, creative, water front, short and to the point, beautiful.  :) I loved it so much.  And Emily had the most beautiful dress I've ever seen.  They are the sweetest couple - so on fire for the Lord.  I'm so excited that they are now married! :)

Long weekend, long post! 

The Lord is good.  All the time! :)


  1. i just sighed a lot when i read this....
    o how i love your being in love.
    I pray for love like this everyday :)

    1. :) you're so sweet
      It shall come before you know it!

  2. You are an incredibly blessed girl! I love reading your blog and catching up on your life. Keep them coming : ).

  3. i just found your lovely blog! i was engaged for FOUR YEARS (he went to a military academy and couldn't be married until after graduation) so i know how hard it is! also, we got married on june 3, 2011! what a coincidence! i may be biased, but i think that is a wonderful date to get married ;)

    i wish you luck with the wedding planning and marriage! i'm a new follower, and i look forward to reading more of your blog! God bless! :)


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