Weekend Recap

Man :) I just read a post my roommate wrote - and it's too good to not share with you guys.

What good does it do to only love your close friends, or your spouse, or your kids?
What good does it do if our love for God never leaves our homes, our churches, or even our hearts?

The love we receive from Christ is not given so that we horde it all to ourselves.  If God is light, and He radiates, and if he is also love, well, doesn't love radiate. Wouldn't it make sense for love to have frequency waves as well?

Here's our dilemma:
We think that it's only safe to love in an environment that was previously set up for love to flourish.  But aren't we carriers of God's presence inside of us?  Isn't that enough nesting ground for love already?  We are supposed to be reflecting God.  So, we shouldn't wait on others to love first.

Just so good! :)

On another note, we had a great weekend :)  Chris and I went out Friday night to Rossini's, and although it wasn't as fancy as it used to be, the food was still absolutely amazing!  Chris got the seafood spaghetti and I got the mushroom tortellini - to. die. for.

Saturday we went to my best friend Jordan's wedding :) (Pictures to come) It was SO much fun!  The wedding was so very beautiful in this amazingly extravagant Methodist church in Montgomery, AL.  Although the wedding was serious and formal, I was definitely trying as hard as I possibly could to hold back all the hoops and hollars I had in me through the whole service!  I love marriage!  And especially for my best friends! :) Eee!  Anyway, several of my friends from high school were there so we got to dance and catch up and really have a great time.  I love my high school friends so much.  Many people find their life long best friends in college, but seriously, although I made a few in college, my high school friends are permanently tied to my heart strings forever.  We can always pick up right where we left off and we all have such a strong and intense love for one another.  It's so beautiful to me :)

Sunday Chris and I went to church, ate some lunch, took a much needed nap, then came back to Hattiesburg.  This is BIG NEWS! :) I haven't wanted to tell anyone because it was unsure until now (and even now, we're trying to figure things out), but Sunday night we went over to my friend Ben's house and got a new puppy! Eee!

Quick background: I grew up with Weimaraners.  My mom and dad had one when they got married.  We always kept them around.  I love them.  Favorite. Dog. Ever!

So Ben had a litter 12 weeks ago, and before he even had them, I told him that I was his girl if there was one that no one wanted.  So fast forward to Sunday. And. We got to take Alexander home for the first time!  I'm in love.  Seriously.  I don't know if everyone understands my love for Weimaraners.  I've tried so hard to get one in the past few years and it's never worked out, and this one was given to me!  Amazing.
So now we're trying to figure out how we're going to live with it ;)  Please be praying that we will find the perfect place to live when we get married.  We very much need it.  I know the Lord is going to work this out awesome though, for real. :) I'm excited!

I haven't been able to get many good pictures of him yet, but here he is in all his glory ;)

Did I mention all he does is sleep?

These are the cute puppy pictures I took 12 weeks ago :)

And today I send a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the man I love the most!  
Happy birthday Christopher! :) I love you so very much!


  1. Thank you for sharing your friends beautiful post. I believe that it essential to carry your love of God into the everyday world. John Wesley's motto was "Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the places you can, at all times you can, to all the people you can, as long as you ever can." He set out three simple rules for Christian living: Do no harm. Do all the good you can. Love God always. This just about covers it.

    We had a beautiful Weimaraner. She was one of your favorite dogs. I can't wait to meet Alexander.

  2. ahh thanks for sharing your friend's beautiful words. I love what she said about being the FIRST to love, and not waiting on others to take the first step. and happy birthday to your fiance!! woo hoo! when are you getting married? marriage is the BEST!


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