Thursday, February 23, 2012

If anyone is interested...

Our website is complete --

Be Aware.

Credit/Debit card risk - I'm glad I watched this video.  You probably will be too.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jane Eyre

I read this book when I was younger and always seemed to remember it rather vividly.  It never made as much sense as when I saw this movie last night.  It was awesome!  Christopher and I rented it last night, and through his falling asleep, I became entranced.  I'm not sure how good it would be to someone who hasn't read the book because it left out so many parts, but I loved it.  My mind has kept coming back to it throughout today.
:) It is wonderful.
Brilliantly written book.

Study Break

I can't get my mind off of love lately - for obvious reasons I suppose.  I never realized how intense moving toward marriage would be.  I've been in love with Christopher for a long time.  I thought he was the cutest thing in high school and when he came to Southern, I realized I had never met someone so interesting.  I never dreamed I would be with a man so absolutely perfect for me.  He always intimidated me, but I couldn't help but think that I would love to marry someone like him.  So a semester passed, and we did this thing and we grew in love and after what seemed like an eternity, we decided to wed.  You know, I loved Christopher while we were dating.  I have truly felt so strongly for him since, well, before day one.  I knew that I could love him more everyday.  But I had no idea engagement would be so intense.  I don't know if it's that I've never been close enough to an engaged couple, or if Christopher and I are just different from many people, but I was clueless.  I never heard someone talk about it the way that I feel.  You run across married couples every so often that are so in love it makes you just giggle.  It's similar to that feeling when the Holy Spirit wells up inside of you - love is what it is.  Well that's what I've always wanted, and I suppose what everyone wants.  I don't always see it though - and especially not in the home I grew up in.  Christopher is like the sunshine.  He's like the perfect temperature all the time.  He's like a field of sunflowers in my belly.  Christopher pulls on my heart day in and day out.  Our engagement has been crazy.  I'm really not sure if I can even explain it - and maybe that's why I never knew it would be this way, because no one else knew how to explain it either.  Let me just say this -- I was in the upstairs of The Depot yesterday morning, and an old man was sitting at a table for two.  An old woman walks up to him and he gets up with a huge smile and meets her with a kiss.  She sits down across from him and he hands her a full white rose.  She smiles so big, smells it, then they stare at each other in admiration.  They then begin to eat, laugh, and be as pleasant as pleasant can be.  That's how I feel about Christopher.  My heart aches when he's not around.  It cries when he's not next to me every morning and night.  It yearns for him always - even when he's there.  My love for Christopher is so strong and so increasingly beautiful.  I can't imagine how more it will grow when we are finally married.
So, does everyone feel this way when they're engaged?  Does everyone feel this way when they're married?  I feel like I struck heaven when I was climbing my ladder.  I hear other engaged people talk about how they wish the other did this or liked that - Is that just the world?  Because I'm on cloud 9 every time I'm with that beautiful man.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pursuing Loves to its Utmost

Weimaraners are my favorite dogs in the whole world, hands down, till the end of time.  Today, I got to hold the sweetest little puppy Weimaraner, as well as see the mama and papa of it and its brothers and sisters.  Peace at last.

Praise the Lord for Weimaraners.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Attempt for motivation.  Attempt to encourage.

1. I wish I had a picture of the Father's love for me.  It's literally incomprehensible.
2. I ran this morning.  Six miles.  While it was happening, I was wishing I could encourage every person on earth to get up and run.  I embark every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday if anyone is interested in joining.
3. I've accomplished some school tasks today.  Many more to go, but nonetheless, a few are checked off.
4. Before I run every day, I do three sets of ten push ups and sit ups.  It's building me.
5. I'm using Crest White Strips.  And they're amazing.  My teeth are ten times whiter than they were last week.
7. I take Juice Plus every day and night.  It's commitment.  I've never been able to stick to taking vitamins so well.  Makes me feel accomplished.
8. I'm thinking of getting a different dress for my rehearsal dinner.  Because I can.
9. My mom has been buying things here and there for the wedding.  It's really been a blessing.
10. My sister is ridiculously awesome.  We've talked more in the past few weeks than probably in the last year.  And I'm loving it.
11. I wish I could live with her.
12. I get off work in 38 minutes.
13. I'm wearing my favorite shirt today.  ASOG! Passion filled.
14. My mom sent me home this week with food and cookies.  It's been wonderful.
15. I'm extremely excited for this wedding to happen.  The 117 days won't pass fast enough.
16. The Anne of Green Gables series is my getaway.  My home away from home.  It's perfect.
17. Can I mention that today was the most beautiful day in all the land?
18. I rode my bike to work.  It may be a cold ride home.  But invigorating.
19. Maybe I should mention that I have the coolest bike in the world.  Literally.  It's my dad's '79 Raleigh.  Light blue.  Brooks saddle.  Grey cloth tape.
20. I'm thinking of clipping in on my Trek this week for a good long ride.  Maybe Missy will join me ;)
21. I'll get better soon.  Motivation.  Encouragement.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


It's truly amazing to be engaged.  With it comes promise, confidence, peace, courage, leadership, and a love that we couldn't experience while dating.  We're really quite excited about being married and having life together as one; the problem is, we're not there yet.  We aren't rushing our engagement or living in the future, or anything of the sort.  We love love love being engaged and are soaking it up every day. :)  It is tough though.

I've had a weird week.  Since last Saturday, I've wanted to be silent and alone.  I haven't spoken many words for reasons unknown to me.  I just haven't wanted to.  I felt as though the Lord and I were just resting together.  I really have no explanation for it.  But it was good. :) 

Today, however, has not been so pleasant and restful.  I will spare you the many minute details, but let's just say that overall, I thought I would be excited to plan my wedding.  The months leading up to it, I just couldn't wait to be engaged and start planning and making all sorts of cute things.  I got the big stuff done early on in our engagement: dress, photographer, venue, reception location, rings, marriage license, etc.  I still have to rent tables, chairs, tents, and the like, but most of the large things are out of the way (praise the Lord).  Since I've been back in school, I couldn't be less motivated.  It hasn't bothered me that I haven't been motivated, but this week a couple people started to ask about what all I had gotten done since they last saw me.  When my response was "nothing", they seemed a little worried.  I haven't been stressed about this wedding at all; honestly, I'm just ready for it to be over so we can be together.  But something triggered when I was asked about my wedding progression.  It definitely didn't cause motivation, like I'd hoped it would.  It made me realize that I haven't been motivated because it's no fun to do it alone.  I've just felt very stressed about so many things since then; and most of all, I've been very discouraged in the whole affair.

Let me be honest.  At this point, I just wish we could have a tiny wedding.  I'm so excited for everyone to come and want so many people to be there, but it's rough trying to accommodate 150 people.  It's been so stressful to think about all the center pieces for tables and what food we're going to serve.  I almost wish receptions didn't exist :) so we could just get married and be done with it.  I'm sure this is sounding to you outsiders like a pessimistic view, but it's really just honesty coming out.  I feel like I have to measure up to all these grand weddings because people may not be satisfied if I don't.  You hear all the time, "It's whatever you want.  It's all about you".  But I've been to so many weddings where the guests are just criticizing the smallest details and saying how they would have done it differently behind the bride's back.  It's a lot of pressure.  It shouldn't matter how someone else would have done it.  They'll have their turn, you know?

It's all just crazy right now.  I hope this post didn't discourage anyone else.  Please keep in mind that I've just had a rough day.  But on the bright side - I have the most amazing man in the entire world.  He is the love of my life.