Attempt for motivation.  Attempt to encourage.

1. I wish I had a picture of the Father's love for me.  It's literally incomprehensible.
2. I ran this morning.  Six miles.  While it was happening, I was wishing I could encourage every person on earth to get up and run.  I embark every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday if anyone is interested in joining.
3. I've accomplished some school tasks today.  Many more to go, but nonetheless, a few are checked off.
4. Before I run every day, I do three sets of ten push ups and sit ups.  It's building me.
5. I'm using Crest White Strips.  And they're amazing.  My teeth are ten times whiter than they were last week.
7. I take Juice Plus every day and night.  It's commitment.  I've never been able to stick to taking vitamins so well.  Makes me feel accomplished.
8. I'm thinking of getting a different dress for my rehearsal dinner.  Because I can.
9. My mom has been buying things here and there for the wedding.  It's really been a blessing.
10. My sister is ridiculously awesome.  We've talked more in the past few weeks than probably in the last year.  And I'm loving it.
11. I wish I could live with her.
12. I get off work in 38 minutes.
13. I'm wearing my favorite shirt today.  ASOG! Passion filled.
14. My mom sent me home this week with food and cookies.  It's been wonderful.
15. I'm extremely excited for this wedding to happen.  The 117 days won't pass fast enough.
16. The Anne of Green Gables series is my getaway.  My home away from home.  It's perfect.
17. Can I mention that today was the most beautiful day in all the land?
18. I rode my bike to work.  It may be a cold ride home.  But invigorating.
19. Maybe I should mention that I have the coolest bike in the world.  Literally.  It's my dad's '79 Raleigh.  Light blue.  Brooks saddle.  Grey cloth tape.
20. I'm thinking of clipping in on my Trek this week for a good long ride.  Maybe Missy will join me ;)
21. I'll get better soon.  Motivation.  Encouragement.


  1. Hey Erin! I'm glad you are doing so well! We miss y'all!
    Xo, dawn


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