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I've been told that until you hit thirty, life is ever-changing.  Each year is dramatically different for me.  I value it.  I'm hesitant for the next five years to pass.  The hard times, many that they are, mold me into such a beautiful person of the Father's heart.  It need not be said that I have quirks like the rest of humanity, but let it be said that the good attributes are good.  As I age, I understand that to love people, it's pertinent to focus on the lovely parts.  It's how I wish to be loved and it's how I prefer to love.  The way of love is that which accepts the bad with the good and encourages the good over the bad.  I am constantly working on bettering myself, but I am highly aware that there are attributes of my personality that are offensive to other personalities.  It is important to be aware and willing to change these.  It is important as human beings to be ever-changing, not accepting of the way you are.  The older I get, the more aware of my interactions I desire to be.

I love the Father's heart, so deeply.  It's lovely that I get to have one just like his.


  1. I missed wishing you Happy Birthday on your day because we are not Facebook friends. You are beautiful within and without. From my perspective at 63 1/2, you are so young to be thinking of aging, but aging is a lifelong process of growth and transition. I remember in my 20's thinking that life was moving and changing very rapidly - from single college girl, to married, relocating, and then children. But change never ends and we never know where life may take us. You have a wonderfully mature, reflective nature that will serve you well wherever life takes you.


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