Last weekend, Lori Beth mentioned that she was thinking about joining the local yoga studio here for the month of January since they are doing an unlimited package for $30.  You can't beat that.  When she asked me if I wanted to join her, I was mainly thinking that it would be a great way to build our friendship (I'll own up to it, I'm a nerd sometimes).  So we went last Sunday night, and it was super good.  I woke up the next morning remembering how addicting yoga is once you start.  I've been going this week and have truly enjoyed it.

When we moved here, I didn't have a chiropractor.  So taking several weeks off was terrible for my spine.  Basically my muscles have been freaking out, which causes extreme pain in my lower back.  I'm believing for healing and trying my best to be relentless with my yoga-going, chiropractor-attending, and at-home exercise-doing.
:) I believe it's working.

I think it would be super awesome if when Christopher opens his clinic, I became certified and taught at the office since it's so great for your spine.  Just a fun idea. :)


  1. were born to be a yoga instructor....for reals

  2. I think I need more yoga in my life. You inspire me. ;) I'm just less committed. haha!


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