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We received an answer concerning the post I wrote entitled "torn".  Excitement!

We attended "Church A" once again when we got back from Christmas in Mississippi.  It wasn't until that Sunday that the Holy Spirit said he had something else for us during this season.  He confirmed that "Church A" was not for us just by the heavy dwelling in our hearts.  We still love love love everyone that goes there and still fully intend on being their best friends, but we won't be attending church there for now.

During that week, we went to one of our three weekly visits to the Chiropractor in Greenville.  Surprisingly, Jesus Culture was playing when we walked in. :) Hello!  Jesus.  So in the midst of being adjusted, we slipped in a small "SOOO, Who picks the music for your office??"  He informed us that it was actually his doing, and after much anticipation on our part, we asked him where he goes to church. "City Church" he says.  I had heard of it from "Church B" that we went to a few weeks back and wondered about it here and there.  So we felt good on the way home and decided we would look up the church online,  maybe listen to a sermon from them, then attend the upcoming Sunday.  My excitement furthered when I read that their mission statement is "On earth as it is in Heaven". Umm, I think this is the place for us.  So, you still never know until you try, and with that mindset, we attended church there last Sunday.

The minute we arrived it felt like home.  It felt like home when the doors opened.  It felt like home when we went to the bathroom before the service.  It felt like home when we took our seats.  It felt like home when we met the couple behind us.  It felt like home during the worship.  It felt like home during the sermon.  And it especially felt like home when the service was over and we met the pastor.  Whew.  I like reminiscing on it. 

So it was a different kind of Sunday for City Church.  The past week they had lost a 14 year old girl that was a huge contribution to the life of their church and they were in mourning over her.  The sermon was on grief - and it was so right on for us.  I had never heard a sermon on grief before, and I'm glad I heard this one.

The passage he referenced was 2 Samuel 1:17-27.  He said that grief is important in our life.  Jesus took every chance he had to grieve.  Even if he knew he was going to raise them from the dead in a moment, he still grieved.  He knew the depth with the Father in grieving.  So Pastor Rich said there are three steps to grieving that are very important.  The first is to grieve alone with the Lord, the second is to grieve with your family and community, and the third is to grieve by reminiscing and telling stories about that person or thing you're grieving over.  This is all straight from the text.  He said also though, that many people don't know how to grieve so they ignore it or stuff it down inside them, and when it finally comes out, it comes out twisted and upside-down.  He said that if there is stuff in your past that you haven't grieved, that it is important to grieve over it still to get healing from it.  There was so much more to the sermon, and I hope to post it on here when it is released online, but I just wanted to touch on those main points for now.  When the sermon does come out, it will be on that "City Church" link I posted above.

Praise Jesus.
We can't wait to go back to church on Sunday.
Also, Christopher started class today :) Prayers are welcome.
And I'm also still looking for a job.


  1. Of course your Chiropractor would be listening to Jesus Culture. Haha! God's so funny about the little details. Love it!

  2. Please post that sermon- I would love to watch. So glad that you guys are starting to fit right in, I knew it wouldn't take long! All my love to you both!


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