Grandmother Joyce

My first post in this new year will be one that holds a memory so dear to my heart.  For all of you who met Grandmother during her time here, you share the same joy in remembering the sweet moments with her - they were always pleasant and quite witty.  She passed last night around 7:45, peacefully I hear.  I know she is happy to be gone from this world, and that I am grateful for - her joy.  It's easy to mourn for such an amazing woman, but we are trying our best to celebrate the gift of knowing her as well as we did.  She and I, we were kindred spirits.  We truly understood each other when no one else did.  She is so lovely to me.  I will always miss her greatly.  I feel so blessed to have met her, and even more to have known her as long as I did.

It's safe to say she will always be the classiest lady I've ever met ;)
May she finally rest in peace


  1. She is just the most beautiful lady. I always got excited when you told stories about her.


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