Miliken Park

We finally explored Miliken Park.  We had heard there were lots of trails behind the duck pond out front, but we had no idea there were masses and masses of open fields and lakes.  It was beautiful - especially on the first day of sunshine in over a week.  The weather couldn't have been better.  It was a nice outing.

When we got home, Alexander's LL Bean winter coat was in a UPS bag on the front porch.  We had to return the one he got for Christmas for a larger size :)  It's working for him.  No more shivering as he sleeps.

One more note on this fairly random blog post - I had some time at home yesterday since yoga was cancelled and Christopher was at school.  I stumbled upon a show called "Foods of the Bible" on Hulu.  The first episode was very interesting.  I'd encourage looking it up just for knowledge-sake at least.  I somewhat wish we still gathered and prepared food the way they did.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Your fur baby is positively adorable, and it looks like you had a lovely time at the park!

  2. oh my goodness i just found your sweet blog and i love it! new follower here and excited to read more. and ohhh the face on your little pup! adorable! xox


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