I spent a lot of time in the yard this weekend.  With Christopher studying for finals and the weather being the most beautiful I've seen it in South Carolina so far, how could I not?  I talked to my father-in-law Friday morning, and he inspired me to go ahead and prepare a place for our garden.  I knew I wanted to work in the yard this weekend, but I was unsure of where I needed to start.  This was a great project to tackle.  I've wanted to have a garden ever since we moved here, and we've planned it all out.  I think I just felt like it was such a huge task to accomplish, that we needed to wait a while before we started it.  Silly ;).  It really wasn't that bad once I set out to finish it.

This is the only 'before' picture I have
I know it's hard to see, but it wasn't quite this bad when I started since Christopher had raked out a good amount of it a couple months ago.  However, it was still a huge tangle of weeds and roots when I started.  (The picture above was taken before we moved in.)

This is basically what the whole area looked like when I started.
This is after I prepared the garden area in the back.

I decided to go ahead and clear out the whole space since we eventually want to have chickens in the front corner.  We're going to make boxes for our veggies instead of putting them straight in the ground.

After two days:

On Sunday I decided to start another project.  I had no idea I'd be able to finish it in a day, but with the help of my sweet husband toward the end, we wrapped it up pretty quickly.

Again, this is the only 'before' picture I have. *Notice middle flower bed

We decided to make the one large flowerbed into two smaller ones.  It felt like we had two separate yards before and Alexander's main running path was right between the two trees.  I think it's going to work out nicely.  I like it so far.

It's crazy trying to figure out what adjustments you want to make to a house that your renting.  You don't want to spend a lot of money on it because you won't reap from it, but you also want to make it a space that you love.  I think we're handling it nicely so far.  We're trying to use what we have to change up the place a bit.  I mostly just enjoyed being outside all weekend. :)


  1. I enjoyed your yard pictures. I have all my garden in raised beds using (more or less) the square foot garden method. I highly recommend a little book call "Lasagna Gardening" as a way to get a quick start. When Chris finishes his finals, come over for a day or two. I will loan you a copy of the book if you don't want to buy it. I'll send it to you if you can't come, but I won't be home until the 28th. David and his family will be here the weekend of Apr 5-7. Mimi will be here in early May for a couple of weeks. Laura has a neat backyard chicken coop that she and Bill designed and built. It would work great in your space.

  2. WOw look at you go girl!! Also, I went to email you to thank you for your sweet comment, and realized I didn't have your email address!! Anyway, thank you for always being so encouraging! You're awesome!! love Katie


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