Settling In

Life is good here in the East.  We've finally found a place for every little thing and have even made some effort in decorating for Christmas.  We got a tree.  Decorated it with what little we had. Used the trimmings to make a wreath.  And put lights on the little Charlie Brown tree in our front yard.  We're hoping to pick up a few more lights to line the porch soon.

Otherwise, the move was easy and smooth and we've made a few friends here.  They've all been super sweet and happen to have many of the same interests we do - i.e. Jesus, rock climbing, dogs, hiking, beer tasting, eating, etc.  The church of our dreams just may come to us on Sunday, which we're excited about.  We'll see what happens.  We're just super ready to find the place the Lord has for us and all the food he has to feed us.

Alexander has been adjusting nicely.  He absolutely loves it here to say the least.  He loves our big backyard, which encourages us to patch the fence quickly, and he loves. loves. loves. the dog park down the street from our house.  His best friend so far is Roger, a German short-haired Pointer that looks like this:

Biking is prevalent in this city - both road and mountain.  We road downtown last weekend and thoroughly enjoyed the route.  They have a super cute downtown here - ice rink in the middle of the square, non-profit local bookstore with a locally brewed coffeeshop attached, artist co-ops with ceramic studios, music venues, and the like.  Let's just say we're at home.

I've started cooking organically - and I mean hardcore organic.  Right now I have a chicken and veggie soup in the crockpot.  I'm going to make some homemade tortillas for venison tacos soon.  It's really awesome all around.  We plan on getting a few chickens soon and planting a garden in the spring.  All is well on the home-front.

Prayer for a job is welcome.  I've applied at the school for a position I really hope to get.  I'm counting on the Lord to provide the perfect one.

Here are a few pictures to update you on our home:

Alexander's Quarters


  1. Lovely pictures. Thanks for giving us a word picture of the beginning of your new life together in your new city.

  2. Awesomeness. This could not be more perfect for you guys! God is so good! :) Love you! OH, and the house is A-DORABLE! ;)


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