Romping + Date Night

Lori Beth picked me up around 4:30 today with dog in car and mine rolling in poop in the front yard.  We cleaned him up a bit then loaded the two in her car.  We went to a state park pretty close to our house and let the dogs off the leashes.  Romping is one of Lori Beth's favorite things to do, which means we're basically two peas in a pod just hanging out together.  I don't think Alexander stopped to take a breath the whole two hours or so we were in the woods.  We walked some beautiful trails and stopped at a lovely clear creek.  I plan on returning to that creek with a book and my poop-necked dog eventually.  You know how when you're in the woods and it's about to get dark and you think you have a lot more time than you really do before night?  That happened.  We did half the walk in the dark with coyotes howling.  It was refreshing.  I'm quickly beginning to love Lori Beth.  We had awesome conversation the whole time - family, dogs, Jesus.  It was just what I needed, some girl time with a good friend.

Christopher decided tonight should be date night before I went on our romp, so when I got home, he got dressed and we went to a restaurant we've been hearing a lot about - Thai Taste! Mmmm.  It was so very yummy.  We're suckers for Thai food.  I got a splendid red curry dish and he went for the house noodles, which were delectable.  All in all, we'll be returning, a lot.

After our dinner, we popped our peppermints in our mouths and headed home to pick up the hot coco and Alexander.
Hot coco in hand.
Christopher thought tonight would be a great night to drive around and look at all the Christmas lights.  It was.  I couldn't get many pictures, but believe me, we saw some pretty houses.  Here's a really terrible picture of a giant reindeer:

It was a great night.  Much needed.  Also, my recipe cards came in this week, and I'm super excited to have my own recipes written down in my cute little recipe box. :)  It's the little things that make me happy.

I alsooo, finished two cowls this week.  Pictures to come - maybe.


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