Crowders Mountain

Yesterday we went rock climbing with a young married couple from the church we went to last Sunday.  It was perfect.  We're so excited to be blessed with awesome friends so soon after we got here.  They're the kind that really seem to understand our humor and weirdness, which is so lovely to us.  I could probably go on and on about them for a while, but perhaps you'll hear more in increments as I blog.

We went to Crowders Mountain in Charlotte.  Took the dogs, Alexander and Honsel (a German Shepherd).  Hiked up a good ways, then set up the gear.  May I mention that it was so nice to be able to let the dogs roam freely with no worries at all - bliss.  Anyway, rock climbing was awesome.  It was both mine and Christopher's first time climbing on real rocks outside.  It was such a great experience and definitely worth doing again.

Alexander did amazing the whole time.  I get so proud of him sometimes.  He's so good in the woods and did great his first time on all the rocks.
There was, however, a small uproar as we were leaving where Honsel sort of turned on Alexander and well...

It's a pretty deep wound, but he's been fine.  We've been bandaging it - and struggling to keep the bandages on him, but it's been working so far I suppose.  It looks like it's healing quickly.  We're just hoping that we won't have to go to the vet.  :) He's strong.


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