I made some ridiculously delicious guacamole this afternoon - - I have to share.

My sister gave me this recipe a while back.  I remember it being pretty far up on the list of best things I've ever eaten.  After consuming half of it, I decided it should probably be bumped up a little higher on that list.

I used two avocados.  You can use more.
A little bit of ginger root, cut into the smallest pieces you can get them.
A bit of cucumber.  As much as you like really.
Some onion.
I used only a half of a small tomato, but you can certainly use as much as you'd like.
And some salt and pepper to top it off.

It's great on bagels, as a spread on sandwiches, with carrots, crackers, etc.  But if you really want to have a great experience, eat it on the tortillas we made in the last post - holy smokes that's good.

(Keep in mind, I only used a small amount of that ginger, tomato, onion, and cucumber)


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