family rollick

Christopher and I went trekking in the state park down the street from our house again today.  It was refreshing for our first day back in the Carolinas.  Alexander was in great need of a two hour sprint around the woods (literally, he doesn't stop from the time we get out of the car to the time we get back in it).

Needless to say, he's been completely worn out since we got home. :) cutie.

Today was also filled with wonderful mail :)  In addition to all the lovely Christmas cards we received, the sweetest package came in from my dear friend, Jennifer.  She recently came back to the states from Nepal and unbeknownst to me, she did a bit of shopping while sharing Jesus with everyone around. :)

I really feel so honored.  I can't explain how much this gift means to me. 
I feel like if I were to be depicted in a gift, this would sum me up perfectly - amazing tea, warm handmade slippers, and a pop-up letter. :) It makes me smile so big. 
Thank you again, Jennifer.


  1. SC looks absolutely beautiful, and I'm missing sweet Alexander as much as I'missing you! I'm glad you loved your package so much! woo hoo!


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