Weekend Fun with Adam + Alli

Spring break was great :) Much needed and much appreciated!

We got a lot done, but I'm coping with the fact that this enormous list will not end until the wedding is over.  Then I suppose another list will be in progress, but it shall be much more enjoyable when Christopher and I will be together. :)

This weekend, in particular, was splendid.  We spent the majority of it with our beloved photographers, Adam and Alli.  I highly recommend them to anyone who needs photographers, or even just some awesome friends!

Friday we met the dear couple at Libby Story and picked up the jewelry that would be used in the photoshoot we were helping out with.  The photoshoot is to advertise for local wedding vendors in the area (so maybe you'll see me in a magazine!).  We knew we would be helping them out behind the scenes, but lucky for me, we got a call from Alli on Thursday night asking me to be a mock bridesmaid in the shoot on Friday.  It was so much fun!  So Alli and I got the jewelry and Christopher and Adam picked up some sandwich type food for lunch and dinner, and we followed them to Madison to an excessively huge house.  I mean, it was more than you could take in.  Mansion, gardener's house, miniature mansion, workshop, twenty-foot fountains, lake with swans, a CHAPEL (..??), and basically a seperate staff for everything you can think of.  Our day would be spent at the chapel. :)  It was so much fun getting my hair and makeup professionally done and getting to dress up in a bright yellow dress with fun shoes and bright pink lipstick.  It may not sound like me, but I will say I definitely enjoyed it.  It was just such a great day getting to hang out with Adam and Alli and the other bridesmaids and groomsmen, and of course, my Christopher.  The best part about it though was getting to see my friend Molly there. 

Molly and I worked together at Lake Forest a couple years ago and she has inspired me ever since.  Even though I haven't seen her since then, I think about her on occasion.  I have never met someone who knows the Word like she does.  She quotes it all the time and can tell you exactly what it says and where it's found.  She has an amazing heart.  I'm so glad we got to reunite Friday! :) This time we decided to be intentional with our friendship.  She lives in Jackson and has been married for a couple of years, so I am even more eager to get married so that we can hang out, encourage each other and live in the same town!  She's such a beautiful person.

So --- the photoshoot lasted till dinner time and afterwards, Christopher and I went to Adam and Alli's house to get the photobooth for a wedding we were planning to work the next day in Oxford.  We ended up staying up with them till about 11 talking about all sorts of fun things :)  It was awesome and just what we had been hoping for, to get to know them better.

Saturday we woke up early and met the sweet couple back at their house to help them set up for Alli's brother's proposal that was to happen that afternoon.  We spent the morning at the Reservoir eating donuts, drinking coffee, and decorating the perfect little scene for an engagement to happen.  :) It was a lot of fun and awesome to help with!  Pictures are on their blog :)

After the proposal, we rushed home to get ready for the wedding, then off to Oxford we went!  The wedding was so much fun and the photobooth was awesome!  Although tired, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the time we had :)

Anyhow, it was an eventful weekend to say the least! :) We had such a great and blessed time!  Now, the sleep must settle in - I have been tired to the point of achy-ness yesterday and today.  Catch-up time is now.


  1. You guys are just beautiful, miss you both! Thankful for your blog updates Erin!

  2. You guys are so precious. I miss you! I love that I get to see what's going in your life via blog. Happy wedding planning :)

  3. Hehe! Love the photos! I can't wait to see the pics from the photoshoot! ;)


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