Dream Language

So maybe it's backwards because I took it on photobooth, but I am SO EXCITED about this book!  Christopher and I went in Barnes and Noble today to look for a gift for someone and in the midst of the "Christian Section" I spotted this gem.  If you know me or have kept up with my blog over the past year, you probably know that I am a dreamer.  I have been my whole life - but only a prophetic dreamer since I started college (I believe).  So the Lord will give me crazy dreams sometimes that are obviously drenched in revelation and his heart.  Sometimes it is very clear what they mean, but other times, I cannot quite grasp the whole of it.  That is why this book is so exciting to me! :)  I have always wanted to be knowledgeable on the dream realm and often times wondered how I would learn about it.  Hopefully this book will be my answer, or at least my stepping stone to further knowledge and revelation.  It's called Dream Language by Jim Goll, and the depth that the table of contents and my thumbing through it goes to makes me ecstatic! :)


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