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Dear Readers,

I get so discouraged all the time because I never have any comments on my blog, but I know that people are looking at it because my pageviews are always increasing.  So today, my dear roommate informed me today that every time she tries to comment, it won't allow her to.  I had changed my blog to private because I kept getting really inappropriate spam, I suppose when I did this it changed my comment settings too.  So I just changed my comment setting so that anyone is allowed to comment.  If you are one of those that has tried and failed, please try some more! ;) I love getting comments and truly want to be more active on my blog, I just get discouraged.  I just want you guys to know (those who read my blog) that you are truly amazing, and I so appreciate you taking the time to read about my life and thoughts. 

Erin :)


  1. I understand the feeling of few comments on your blog. I feel the same way. I appreciate your comments on mine. I'm glad to be able to tell you that I appreciate that you share your life very articulately. Your beauty shines through. A blog is essentially a personal reflection, but the sharing deepens the experience.

  2. I have my blog set up so that I moderate the comments before publishing.

  3. continue to write! Don't get discouraged!


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