About a false end times.
Last night I dreamed that I had to leave college during this last semester to go to my high school and finish my last course there.  Apparently everyone had to go back to finish at their high school.  I entered the building.  My high school is described as a prison by basically every student who has ever gone there.  There is literally only one way in.  So I entered the front door and walked past all the parents and faculty that were at the front office.  Usually you can’t go any further than the office without telling someone what you are doing and where you are going – whether they know you or not.  So it was odd that no one stopped me.  But I kept going – turned left down the hallway and went up the stairs to the second floor.  I went down another hallway, and turned into a classroom.  It was FILLED with students – all at long tables.  They were in an etiquette class and all very robotic-seeming – like they were being controlled.  I approached the teacher and she asked me what class I needed to take.  I had no idea – I didn’t even know why I was there.  I told her I didn’t know and she persisted to ask me what class I needed to take.  I asked her what the options were and she said an etiquette class.  I told her I had never taken an etiquette class so she concluded that I needed to enroll in it.  I then went to the back of the classroom and saw one of my best friends from high school, Jonathan, sitting on the floor.  There was someone else with him who was my friend also, but I can’t exactly remember who.  Jonathan and I started talking about how weird this was and began to catch up a little.  Eventually, everyone got up and started exiting the building, rather quickly.  At that time, Jonathan kissed me on the cheek seven times.  It wasn’t weird at all because it was very brotherly and comforting.  I told him to stop though since I didn’t want anyone to think that it was anything other than what it was - because I’m engaged.  At that time, I saw a girl that I had been watching a little and I asked Jonathan what her name was.  He said Savannah – her last name started with an S but I cannot remember what it was now.  She had blonde hair.  We then got up and began walking out with everyone else.  I was very confused though because some people were walking in, but most were walking out.  Jonathan was not with me from this point forward.  I made it outside and there was a huge mass of people.  People everywhere.  We were all standing in a big field and there was a horizon ahead.  I kept hearing people say, “This is the last hour”,  “This is the last hour”.  No one knew what was going on, but there were new people around.  I knew they either came down from heaven or up from hell, but I could not tell which.  It was hard to distinguish those people from the ones that were already on earth.  I finally escaped from the crowd to follow Savannah behind some curtains into a room.  I had seen her several times and felt like I was to stay close to her.  There were only a few people in the room.  Savannah, some guy, me, Christopher’s father, and a baby.  Mr. Michael was holding the baby and crying.  I went to him and hugged them both.  He told me that he loved me so much and I told him the same.  He kept weeping.  At this time, we exited the room back through the curtain.  There was a man standing outside that I used to know.  In real life, he killed himself a few months ago – Christian man, many problems, shot himself.  So I knew at this point that I had to figure out if he was from heaven or hell.  I’ve always wondered if people who commit suicide go to heaven or hell.  So I approached him.  I couldn’t tell at first, but as I got closer I could see darkness in his eyes and his skin was very unhealthy.  He gave me a hug and acted like everything was normal.  I whispered in his ear, “Are you good or bad?”.  He responded with “bad”.  So at that point it was very clear that all of these new people had come up from hell, but were so disguised that no one knew the difference.  He kept telling me, “This is the last hour”.  At his point I knew it was a false end-times.  I knew this was a scheme of the enemy.  However, I also knew, that because this wasn’t truly the last hour, that we were all supposed to be patient through it because Jesus was coming soon.  This is exactly the character of the devil – to manipulate people into his ways so they betray Jesus.  So later I followed Savannah over to a swing set and began to swing to pass the time.  There were a lot of young girls on the swing set with me.  I was then in a minivan at the swing set with a group of women that were plotting to run away and hope they didn’t get caught.  I didn’t want to participate because I knew Jesus was coming.  So when they drove off, I jumped out.  I watched as the man who committed suicide recently marched toward the van to stop it.  I’ve forgotten many of the details of this dream, but I feel like the important parts stuck with me.  I then remember joining the huge crowd again and over the horizon we saw a HUGE cloud that filled the entire horizon and was many deep colors – deep red, purple, blue.  It was coming quickly to us and I remember having the fear of the Lord all over me.  All we could do was get down on the ground and wait for it to pass, so I curled up in a ball on the ground the first time.  It was the strongest wind and very colorful but deep.  It passed after a little while and became day again.  We then saw another one welling up in the sky.  This time I got in the same position, but the whole time it passed I yelled at the top of my lungs, “JJJJEEEESSSSUUUUSSSSSSS!!!!!”  This happened many times and each time was a little different in the sky.  Sometimes it looked like an army of angels coming in the sky over us, fully armed.  Other times it was just clouds as I described before.  This is all I remembered from my dream last night.
It's a pretty straight forward dream.  Savannah means "treeless plain" or "plateau".  She represented the Lion, the Lord.  Jonathan was hope, comfort, and community.  The meaning of etiquette is "the rules and regulations that need to be followed in the particular environment" - representing control.
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  1. So I was so intrigued over this dream, that I had to read it, even though you told it to me. I noticed things this time that caught my attention. The small things, like the swing and the young girls...you were waiting on the swings, but you weren't merely sitting around doing nothing, you were in motion, patiently and expectantly waiting for the Lord with the "virgins".
    I love how creative God is.


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