Spring Break

I am so excited about spring break! I can't wait to go home :)  Although it is going to be extremely busy, I am just happy to have a break from school :)  I did, however, email Christopher a rather enormous list of the things that absolutely have to be accomplished over spring break and... well...

Spring Break To Do List:
1. Rent chairs
2. Suit shop
3. Job search (Erin) - talk to Mamaw Dot about TemptStaff
    - revise resume and print on resume paper
    - fill out Farm Bureau application if I feel led
4. Finish questionnaire for Adam and Ali and send back to them
    - hang out with them if possible
5. Plan ceremony - details, details, details
    - music
    - vows
    - Bible verses
    - order of everything
    - side note: figure out what kind of music we want for the reception
    - etc.
6. Tell Ms. Melanie what we want for decorations at the rehearsal dinner
    - maybe find some pictures online to print out and give her
    - real flowers/different size candles/lace runner?/cool table cloth/etc.
7. Shop for wedding shoes maybe (if I don't decide to get the Charlotte Russe ones) and slip for dresses
8. Check with a florist for an appraisal on bouquets and boutineers
9. Juniker's
    - get wedding band fitted to look right
    - get appraisal for both for insurance purposes
10. Go to St. Patrick's Day parade ;)
11. Make sure Site Analysis is finished for Retailing (due Monday)
12. Make sure BSG decision is complete (due Monday)
13. Lay out if possible for sun tan purposes
14. Stay active - Erin - run/push-ups, Chris - gym
15. Love each other and go on long walks and talk about our future and present

But it will be fun, right?  Right.  I only have one more midterm then I'm home free!
Thinking about this spring break though has really been reminding me of the past two spring breaks I've had.  They were totally amazing and worth the space in my mind to remember.

Also this week, although very busy with midterms, Daisy has been visiting.  She was here this weekend when Christopher came, and her and I slumber partied all weekend.  But after they left, I was terribly sad, but fortunately found a present tied to my doorstep.  Yes, the very own Miss Daisy Collins.  Attached to her was a very cute paw-written note explaining herself.  She has been awesome this week and such great company.  My roommates and I are going to be sad to see her go.

Daisy dreaming ;)

Daisy eating her treat ;) (this is how it happens EVERY time)


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