Pre-marital Counseling

We went to marriage counseling today!!  It. Was. AWESOME.

The first thing and the thing he repeated the most was to grow with the Lord individually.  He said if we can do this, our marriage will be golden :)
He also said that there are roles for both the husband and wife.  The wife's role is to honor and respect her husband.  The husband's role is to love his wife.  If we stick to these roles and grow with the Lord individually, we will be strong.  And nothing is stronger than a marriage in agreement.  He said a marriage in agreement is the closest thing to heaven on earth.   He said, the degree of the success of your marriage is the degree to which you grow individually in Jesus.

We talked about Adam and Eve and how she was made from his rib.  We talked about the significance of God taking a bone that protects all his vital organs, and that the ribs break before the organs are touched.  We also talked about how the rib was taken from under his arm on his side and how that represents nurturing and protection from the man to the woman.  And also that she was taken from a place next to his heart - that it wasn't from his foot so that he may walk on her or from his head so that she may rule over him.

We also went through Ephesians 5:22-33 in some depth :) which was wonderful and was revealed in a whole new light.

And we talked about Philippians 2 and Colossians 4:12 - that it is really great to continually pray throughout our marriage that the Lord will work in us, both to will and to work for his good pleasure, and also to pray that we will be perfect and complete in the will of God.

There was so much depth to everything we talked about, but I don't want to spoil it for those of you who haven't gone through it yet.  I wish everyone could go to our pastor for counseling :) He hit it right on.  Everything was from the word.  It was such a sweet meeting.  I can't wait to go tomorrow :)

I have also begun reading my dream book.  It is amazing
Jim keeps repeating that the enemy is only threatened by what challenges him.  He says that dreams are a great way for the Lord to speak, because for many of us it is the only time during the day that we are quiet and still enough to hear his voice.  There are three types of dreams - the normal dreams, prophetic dreams, and demonic dreams.  He references the book of Joel a few times, saying that "I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind" - meaning that everyone dreams and he speaks to everyone through dreams (unbelievers and believers); it is simply on our part to pay attention.  He says many people recognize the dreams in their heart or remember them when they wake up, but they don't give attention to them because they believe they are only a part of our normal brain activity (which they are, but not "only" a part of it) or they believe that they are too mystical and far fetched for the Father to work in.  It is important though to be able to be discerning with dreams and know which ones are significant and which ones aren't, then interpret them correctly.
Anyway, it's a great book so far :)

Yours Truly,

P.S. - Both this book and our pastor mentioned that, in Christ, we are prophets, priests, and kings.  In Christ, we are priests who petition and prophets who receive.  Just a really great note.


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