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I started writing our business plan tonight.

It's about two years until we move back and open our practice.  That means I have two years to figure out every single detail of our business - what our layout will be, to how much money we need, to what pens we're going to use.  The business plan I wrote in college as an assignment was 40 pages long.  Intimidating? I think so. But doable for sure. I must be diligent; I must be focused.  We don't even have a name yet, but we do have our logo and we know where we want to locate. It's going to be a long process, but the reward is going to be breathtaking - I'm sure of it.

We've thought about naming it ADIO Upper Cervical.  I know you don't know how to pronounce it (and that is obviously a huge issue), but the meaning is ideal.  I want to know what you think, honestly.


It's a chiropractic logo that means health comes from above, down (the Lord to us), then from the inside, out (meaning our bodies are created to heal on their own from within).

We want to locate in Highland Village in Jackson. Does anyone have any ideas for a name??
Please? ;)


  1. I don't know that I am much help for you in thinking of a name... but I will certainly let you know if something comes to mind! I think the name ADIO is really cool (love how each letter represents something), and am pronouncing it in my head one way -- but would be interested to know the "correct" way of saying it! Let's talk about this soon : ).

    It is just so exciting that ya'll are at the point in life where you need to start brainstorming about the future and what it will look like when you have your own business. Ya'll are going to be such a wonderful team! You will be the sweet spirit that welcomes everyone in to the office (and keeps everything organized) and Chris will be the cool doctor that makes everyone smile and feel super comfortable with his awesome personality! People will leave feeling heard and understood : ). It's going to be something to watch!

    I am so proud of you and Chris! Thanks for chasing after ya'lls dreams -- and putting God first along the way.
    Love you!


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