Rhonda's gift
Lorrin's gift
 I really want to start crocheting warm goods for people, but not having a facebook has proven to be a problem.  I have no way of telling people that I can do this, and that I love to do this, and that I want to do this, ...and that I need some income... ;) If you have any ideas of how I can get the word out, please let me know!

Anna came to visit for a couple days last week.  We had a Christmas party at Patrick's house, which turned into a girl's night full of banana pancakes and Christmas lights in the park. We had an awesome night.  I was so glad Anna was there and that we got to hang out.  She has become such a beautiful person these past couple years.  We became the best of friends in the first grade and really haven't separated since.  She has always been such a joy in my life, and I honestly didn't think she could be any more amazing that she already was, but the Lord has proven different.  I admire her greatly in the way she loves the Lord.  She lives for Him and it is commendable.  She has surprised me these past few months with her words and her actions.  I feel as though I can see into her soul and it is pure beauty and goodness.

 Christmas Eve, my mom and I joined Chris and some of his family for dinner and presents.  It was the most delightful night I have had in a while.  You must understand, that Chris's grandmother is ninety-one years old and British.  She is such a wonderful person to be around.  She is very lively and alert; and quite hilarious too.  One of my favorite parts about being around her is that I have a new story to tell every time I leave.
When we walked in that night, I began to share polite conversation with Grandmother.  You must also understand that she is mostly blind.  So in this conversation, I bring up my new floral tights.  As I am showing them to her, she begins to tell me a story about her "younger years" when she was 50.  She told me she had just purchased some new black tights with snow flakes on them and wanted to show them off.  She said she put them on and walked into her living room where her son was watching tv and started to pose.  I wish I had a video of the way she poses for me when she wants to show her beauty.  She said that after a while of trying to get Roger's attention, she finally said, "Roger! How do you like my new tights?" with her eyes batting to the sky and her legs in some sort of showy position.  She said he responded with, "Are those tights?! I thought you had a bad case of the dandruff." :) Now put a British accent on that story and it will really come alive.
I have plenty of Grandmother's stories stored in my head; perhaps they will surface in later blogs.

 This is my sister's new puppy that recently broke her leg. She is adorable.

Christmas day we went to my grandmother's house for lunch and a long-lived game of Chicken Foot.  Basically, I love my grandmother so much; I especially love when she cheats in Chicken Foot.  I wish I could see her more often.
chicken foot

 Yesterday, Corey wanted to go out to Chris's cabin to shoot his new gun, so we layered up and drove out to Leake County where we roasted hot dogs and ate smores. :) It was wonderful.  I love that old cabin.  I'll take pictures in the daylight of it this weekend for New Year's.


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