Scarves and an Eclipse

Christmas party tonight.  It was great. :) Stuffed french bread and brownies.
After the party died down, I finished a scarf for my boyfriend's mom. I'm hoping she'll like it.
Now we're waiting on the lunar eclipse.

While we await the phenomenon of the year, I feel the need to share what has been on my heart for a few days.
-- My step-sister has been married for ten years now with a precious son to show for it - Morgan. Here is a picture. Or two.
I called my dad last week to discuss our Christmas plans with the family, and while we were on the phone, he mentioned that Leanna and Alex were looking to get a divorce.  Only mentioning it for the sake of keeping me informed was not enough for me.  My heart broke when I heard those words.  This child is so full of life and interested in everything the world has to offer him.  Innocence.  I wonder about divorce probably more than the average twenty-year-old.  My parent's divorce impacted my life more than they will ever know, and I hurt for every child that has to cope with it.  I often wonder what leads to divorce.  I know there is a different reason for every couple, but I still feel like the excuses are void (aside from adultery).  I understand that I am not married, and I haven't experienced the troubles of marriage, but I don't believe that makes me ignorant to the fact that divorce is not holy.  This is not to say that people cannot be blessed from a divorce, because the Lord works for our good, which is evident in the second marriage of my father.  However, divorce seems to me like a selfish ambition in many cases.  I am not judging anyone who has ever been divorced by any means.  My heart does go out to the children that are forced to deal with their parent's decision to separate their family.  I honestly don't understand how it works - when you become wed, you become one flesh.  Divorce seems to me as though you are cutting yourself in half.  Whatever happened to "for better or for worse"?  Marriage is a covenant with God and when you declare those words to Him, you are making a promise that should not be broken.  Basically, I just wish I could talk to anyone who is thinking of getting a divorce to remind them of the reasons they married their spouse and the vows they made before that spouse and the Lord.  I really don't want this to sound judgmental, because we are blessed with grace beyond our comprehension.  I just wish divorce could be prevented.  I wish marriage was permanent, like our marriage to the Lord.  This child does not deserve to deal with this, but I know the Lord will work through it.  All I can do is pray to my Father that He will restore this family and bless Leanna for being the amazing wife and mother she has been for so many years.  She is wonderful.

My biggest desire right now is to have faith that can quite literally move mountains.
It is worth sharing how amazing it is that we can ADORE the Lord. Oh, Come let us adore Him. How powerful.  What an honor - to give every part of me to gaze upon the Lord in adoration.

Also, I shall share the meaning of my blog title.  I am an ember in this world, striving to light the other coals with the love of God.  I am fed by and I produce the Fruit of the Spirit.  The Fruit gives me strength and wisdom to journey on.  We'll do this together.


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