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So I've always known that I'm really different from the majority of the world - whether it be because I never understand why other people do the things they do or because people always look at me funny like they've never encountered someone so weird.  It doesn't bother me at all, and I actually think it's pretty funny.  It's an often occasion of getting really weird looks from people whether they know me or not - really I guess there's only half a handful of people who know me well enough to understand why I do the things I do.  So if I just cut to the chase, I'm an observer. To. The. Extreme.
I'm not really a "people watcher" as some people call themselves; I don't think I care to watch people I don't know.  I sometimes just find myself feeling like a fly on the wall.  It mainly happens when there is a large group of people.  My never wanting to be the center of attention could very well play a large role in this.  I just always end up forgetting that I am actually a person in the room and I find myself listening to everything around me and watching what everyone is doing.  I've always been a really good listener, but I guess it gets out of hand sometimes. :P
So I started laughing to myself last night after I looked at the pictures we took on the timer at our get together.  I noticed that in every single picture I looked the exact same because I forgot that I was in them.  I know it's weird, but I was so caught up in everyone having fun and doing different things that I forgot I was a person.  It really shed new light for me that this could be a reason that I've always been terrible at having pictures made of me. ;) Anyway, you should look at the photos on the post from last night and see what I'm talking about.  It's rather funny, and interestingly enough, it reveals a huge part of who I am that I think most people just wonder about (that is, wonder why I'm so weird all the time).


  1. weird is unordinary, and that's the kind of thing worth embracing :)


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