11.11.11 - Prayer

This morning I got on Yahoo to check my mail and like always, was distracted by the world updates on the home page.  The first one I noticed was about a pyramid closing for 11.11.11 due to rumors about this apparently unique day.  So I read up on that one and thought it was interesting then proceeded to find an update entitled "Detroit prayer event puts Muslims on edge".  My first thought was, 'oh great, another group making a bad name for Jesus'.  Judgmental.  So I was hooked by then and had to read what it was all about.  Even as I was reading it, I was so skeptical that I couldn't decide if it was a good or bad move on their part.  I just kept thinking of how offensive the whole article must be to outsiders (meaning people who aren't Christians).  When I told Chris about it he responded with, "yeah, it's weird - Are we supposed to be offensive? I mean, Jesus was offensive.  Do you think we're supposed to handle things the same way today as they did in Jesus' times?"  Dang, so that got me thinking even more.  I've always struggled with this exact case - are we called to be radical or are we called to reach people in our day to day life?  The answer is both, but what troubles me is, what is the extent to which it is still effective?  Should I be starting rallies and talking to every person I see about Jesus?  Many times, I see it being more effective to reach people by being their friend and letting them see your day to day relationship with people and with the Lord, how you treat people and how you handle all your situations.  So then what?  Well, I'm completely in favor of this rally and I wish I could be a part of it.  I love revival and movements of the Holy Spirit - and there's definitely both going on right now in Detroit.  Lord, hear us and work through us - use this prayer movement for your glory in the name of Jesus.


  1. Erin, interesting post. Living for Christ can be offensive, even though I don't think we should go out of our way to be that way. But, we can't help that some things will be offensive to the world. Jesus was offensive mostly to those already inside - such as the Jewish leaders. They didn't want to give up their positions for an itinerant preacher. He was pretty careful to not be offensive to outsiders - those are who he wanted to call in. So, I like your approach about being friends. Jesus was, afterall, a friend to sinners. Good post.


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