reading list // 2014

"All great leaders read a lot." - Chad Norris

This is my list for the year: (which may or may not grow)

When Heaven Invades Earth
Signs, Wonders and a Baptist Preacher
Raising a Forerunner Generation
Loving Our Kids on Purpose
They Speak in Other Tongues
Fred Factor
Good to Great
What is the Point?
Hosting the Presence

I've finished reading When Heaven Invades Earth (which was great) and I'm half way through Signs, Wonders and a Baptist Preacher.

I started the latter this morning and it has been a w e s o m e.  It's written by my pastor before he started pastoring City Church.  As of right now, I would recommend it to anyone.  It's so wonderful and relate-able.  --Kelly, I'll probably send you my copy when I'm done so don't go buy it--

He's been doing a great work in me lately and it's been super cool to know.  He's been revealing His true heart to me - that He yearns for us, and He pursues us, and that He is the one who sets the table for us.

Wisdom pumps through His veins
Knowledge cycles through His heart
Insight is the language He speaks
Grace is the rhythm in which He breathes
Goodness is what wove Him into being
His vision, His purpose, His focus is
O N E.  L O V E.


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