New Beginnings

Sometimes I feel like I lose track of myself.  Reality doesn't usually set in until the season has passed and a new one has begun.  Fortunately, the new one is here and smiles are freely flowing in the Collins household.  A rather large weight was lifted off my shoulders when I quit my job last week.  The Lord is always looking out for us when things aren't looking up.  Christopher was blessed with an amazing job a couple days before, so even though we may not be in an ideal situation financially, we're going to be okay.

Today we met up with Adam and Alli for lunch, which is always a refreshing and cherished visit.  I felt that they had already been brainstorming about what I should do to make some cash, so they soon brought up pottery.  Adam asked me why I wasn't doing it, and after many excuses, the conversation led into an arts and crafts exploration for Erin's future.  It was inspiring, exhilarating, encouraging. 

   - I'm going to create an Etsy shop.
   - I'm going to start crafting more: crochet, sewing, perhaps block printing.
   - I'm going to buckled down and be more intentional about learning guitar.

Another result of the entrance into a new season is training for a half marathon.  I started today.  One mile.  Christopher made me a sixteen week training schedule, so when we get to South Carolina, I'll register myself for a life changing experience.
What I found when I woke up for my first day of training

Adam and Alli gave us a few pictures from a fun little shoot we did a couple months ago.

Thank you for all your support, dear friends :)


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