di da di da di

It's been too long since I've written, but I will skip the apologies and get straight to the update.
Since Thanksgiving I have finished reading Anne of Green Gables and Pride and Prejudice.  Both were the most exceptional books I've read in my lifetime, which I suppose was expected beforehand.  I'm awaiting to get the whole series of Anne of Green Gables for Christmas this year.  I decided a couple weeks ago that I wanted to read every classic book I could get my hands on.  So now I am pursuing that.  The first two were a great start!
So now it's almost finals week and things are crazy with school and work.  I've had tests this week and I'm also trying to prepare for finals the best I can.  Christmas break is too near to be consumed in so much work.
Chris and I recently started going to a new church. :) All of our friends have gone there a long time, but we finally felt that we were supposed to be there too.  We love our church in Hattiesburg, but most of our community is in Laurel, so we're going.  Crosspointe has been so awesome since we started attending.  I love being with that community and the message is always right on.  This new series on Radical Generosity has settled into my heart and found it's dwelling place quite comfortably.  Every day this week has been a search for different ways to put into practice what I have recently learned and been inspired by.
I've learned so much in the past couple weeks that I'm not quite sure where to begin, but I feel as though what I have learned will come out with future posts.  One thing is for certain - everyone seems to be in a huge transition period in life.  I know I've been here for quite some time, and all my peers seem to feel the same.  I'm very excited to see what folds out before us all.  Jessalyn shared with me a couple days ago that she heard in a sermon that we are in a season of transition, and the reason we aren't able to seek Jesus the same way we always have is because he is teaching us new ways and new things for the place we are transitioning to.  Don't get discouraged in this time; it is only leading to something better (if you let it).


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