On Earth as it is in Heaven.

This weekend has been transforming - one of those that you almost wish hadn't happened because it means your whole life has to change, but one you're so overwhelmingly grateful for because it means your more awake than ever to the intimacy of God.  I'm realizing how religious I've been in my life.  I believe all day that Christianity is about relationship, not religion; but when I dissect my life I see the clear spectrum.

I believe Jesus died to take away our sins, that we are new beings living in intimacy with him.  I believe that when he was here on Earth he showed us exactly how he designed us to live.  I believe when he ascended into Heaven, the Holy Spirit descended onto Earth to be our Help.  We are co-heirs with Christ.  We have power.

I've believed in the supernatural for many years, seen it displayed, felt it through and through, ignored the fact that I am designed to walk in it everyday like Jesus did.  It's easy to buy into the incecent words you hear - "It's different in the world today." "It's okay if you don't do _____, ____, and _____." "God will work in His own time." ETC.

He appointed us very clearly to live as Jesus did, and would not have given us that direction and example if He had intended on us not fulfilling it.

I want to grow.  I need to grow.

On Earth as it is in Heaven.


I have no idea what this looks like for my life.  In my job.  At the grocery store.

I'm going to start with Honor.

I bought a copy of Bill Johnson's "The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind" a couple months ago for Chris, thinking he could really benefit from it.  I picked it up last night and haven't put it down except to get some rest last night.  It's a great book to say the least.


  1. Amen sister:) I'm RIGHT there with you! Love this! Let me know how the book was...i'm interested in reading it! love Katie


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