Laurel, Mississippi

We have a dream.

And though it seems too perfect, we believe it could happen.

Laurel holds a sweet place in our hearts.  When Christopher and I decided it was time to be best friends, we found ourselves traveling to Laurel quite a bit.  Knowing one person from there quickly turned into at least a dozen - overnight.  It quickly entered our lives, but like most people, I'm not certain it will ever leave - as it should be.  Laurel is one of those amazing small towns you read about and wish you knew what it was like to be a part of.  It's tiny, it's artsy, it's active, it has an adorable downtown, and the best part is the small group of best friends that reside there.  We've always wanted to live in Laurel, and we've soon realized that it's a pretty feasible dream - perhaps.

So it's maybe kind of a huge dream with lots of large events that must take place.  In short, we want to move to downtown Laurel, open our very successful 'Collins Family Chiropractic' clinic, make it big, open Mississippi's first Chiropractic College in Hattiesburg, then, once we're in a place where we can move, renovate the old Webb house and move on in, open the old dairy farm, start a garden, and invite friends over for dinner.  Sounds good, doesn't it?

I believe it will happen.

 P.S. - Just watched a male cardinal dance for a female one. :) Love is in the air!  Hello Spring!


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