The Cancer Cure

Christopher and I went to a conference a couple weeks ago that changed our lives.  It was a Maximized Living Makeover that focused on the cure and prevention of cancer.  I never really knew what cancer was and I had no idea what it was caused by or could be prevented by.  I'd like to inform you on a few things I learned if you'd like to know.

Only 2% of diseases are generational.  Hello.  Cancer is basically just an unhealthy cell.  It can actually be prevented and cured by eating healthy.  I know it sounds ridiculous, but the things we eat are so full of preservatives, hormones, and toxins that after a while, our cells can no longer kill off the disease.  It's time to wake up - at least it is for our household.  Humans are made to live to 120 years old.  Christopher and I are in transition to be as healthy as we possibly can be.  We're the only ones that can make it happen for ourselves, so we're taking one step at a time to do just that.  Organic foods, detox, vitamins, natural beauty products, chiropractic adjustments by a max living doctor, and more are leading us to living to the potential that the Lord created us to live.  This is the choice Christopher and I have made and only intend to inform our friends.  A lovely thing about life is that we have choices and are able to make them for ourselves.  I feel so blessed that we learned about this early in life.

Did you know that every nerve in your body is stationed from your spine?  Therefore, if you have a crooked spine that is cutting off the nerve to be able to get to a certain part of your body, then that body part is not going to work to its full potential.  For example, if you have kidney failure, do you think a kidney replacement is going to fix the problem? No, because if the supply is pinched to the kidney, the new kidney is going to fail exactly like the original one.  Answer?  Max Living chiropractic adjustments perhaps.  Everyone is different of course, but there is a good chance of hope for the future.  The first time I met with Dr. Miller, he brought up things that I never knew weren't normal.  I've always had poor blood flow to my limbs to where they would go to sleep every so often (which I thought was generational), I've had terrible headaches at least once a week for as long as I can remember, I've had allergies all my life, I've never been very good at sleeping, etc.  All of these are caused by my spine being very misaligned.  I never knew.  I have no curve in my neck and scoliosis in my mid-back - terribly upsetting news, but praise the Lord, it's all fixable!

If you're interested in learning more, please buy this book - Cruise Ship or Nursing Home
It would be worth every penny.  It has personal stories and specific directions for how to make a change for your health.  This book is what made the throw away almost all of our beauty products and replace them with organic goods - almost everything we used to use had cancer causing chemicals in them.

Happy Learning!


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