Being Accomplished

I find it interesting that I only know a handful of girls that truly know who they are and where they are going, who have depth and aren't afraid to show it, who know their place as a woman, who are, in the words of Mr. Darcy, accomplished.  This is not to say I am where I should, could, or want to be; it has just been a reoccurring theme for the day.  In Starbucks today, I overheard some freshmen girls talking about how it is so hard to make friends that are girls in college because most of the ones they meet are shallow in their speech and have so many walls that no human being will ever be able to break them down.  I cannot count how many times in my college career I have spoken of this same issue.  Girls have been hurt and therefore taught themselves how to keep people out, as unfortunate as it is.  Also today, I was talking with a friend about finding a little lady to walk by his side.  This being the second friend to have this conversation with in a couple of weeks, I quickly remembered that handful I spoke of earlier.  Although that handful is amazing, it is interesting to me that the handful in my right hand does not align with the handful in my left, whether it be because of personality differences or some other kind of crucial impairment between the two.  Since I have no answer to this predicament, I write to encourage everyone to break down walls that have been built up.  Letting people know you is a wonderful growth of character and strength.  Getting hurt isn't such a terrible thing once you come out on the other side - it's amazing to look back and see what you could have or maybe should have done differently, and how you grew from the situation.  I would be lying if I led you to believe I have my guard down all the time, but I can stand beside the fact that once I stopped worrying about if people would hurt me and just let them know me, my life got a lot easier and my relationships got a lot better.  It is so freeing to walk in the goodness of the Lord, because everything that is not good is not of him, and having bitterness towards people or fear of being hurt is not good.  I'm walking with all of you who relate to this; breaking down walls is difficult but completely worth the outcome.


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