It's been difficult trying to find the time to blog.  I miss it terribly.

In order to graduate on time for the spring, I decided to take a full semester of classes this summer.  It's really been good so far because as hard as it is, I really love learning and being busy with school.  I will admit it gets old sometimes, especially when my friends want to do something and I'm not able to because of homework or studying, but it really is a blessing for me to be able to take this many hours and even out my last two semesters.  Last summer I decided that since I couldn't be a pottery major because it's a four year program, I would just be an Entrepreneurship major so I can one day open my own pottery studio.  I'm still loving the idea and truly wanting to pursue it as early in my life as humanly possible.  This switch, however, has caused a very difficult two years.  I'm the busiest person I know.  Although it doesn't really bother me to be busy, I do wish I had more time to do things I enjoy - like blog.  And read.  I am taking a technical writing class this summer that has required me to create a blog, so even though my blogs are assigned now, I'm still glad I get to interact.

For the first time in my life I'm training for a triathlon.  It's really intense.  I love it.  I've always loved exercising but I think the reason I've never been consistent with it is because I've never been working toward something.  It all began with my boyfriend asking me if I wanted to do it together and somehow I jumped in.  It's turned out that Chris and I have totally opposite schedules this summer so I'm training by myself, but it's been great.  I thought I wouldn't be motivated to train alone, but it's been easy.  So this summer, every single day consists of school in the morning, train in the afternoon, and homework at night.  But it's really good :)

The Lord has been doing some amazing and unexpected things this summer.  My friend Jennifer is working at camp this summer - the one that changed my life completely, the one where I understood love for the first time, the one where I experience total freedom, yes, Lake Forest Ranch.  I've been so excited for her to be there.  We've been writing back and forth, but earlier this week I got a text from her saying that she'll be home this weekend :) So Thursday night she stayed at our apartment and it was so good to catch up with her and hear about all the amazing things the Lord is doing in her life.  I love the Lord so much; I really don't know what else to say about it.  So right before Jen came over, Gabby came home from Nashville and told me that she's going to move up there for the month of July.  I was really bummed because I love living with Gabby so much, she's so wonderful, but I'm really excited that she'll be in Nashville because I know how much she desires to be there :) It's really going to be so great.  Then she told me that she thinks she may have gotten the Invisible Children internship for the fall that she has been waiting to find out about! :) What a blessing.  It's so awesome what the Lord is doing in her life; I love watching all the little touches he blesses her with.  So, Jen and I talked today about next semester and the possibility of her and our friend Jessalyn moving into our apartment when Gabby leaves.  I was nervous when I first heard Gabby was moving out because I didn't know how I was going to find someone to move in, but I allowed myself to trust the Lord with the situation and he completely provided for me - over the top.  Jen and Jess are going to move in in August which is absolutely amazing because they are so wonderful and that will split the cost of rent by three instead of two, which helps me out like crazy since I don't have a job while I'm in school.  Whew.  It's been another busy week, but so so good.  The Lord is faithful.

That's really all that's been going on this summer.  I went to Jackson yesterday to get Chris's dog, Daisy.  She's the most amazing dog in the whole world - no exaggeration.  She is sweet and cute and polite and so lovely.


I just feel so overwhelmed with how good the Lord is.  I wish I knew how to express it in blog form.  He is my joy, my love.

My heart aches for You my God; My soul waits for You my God
I've come far to find you here; In this place will I draw near

Your Spirit soars me; To the highest height
From where I'll not look back; I will keep trusting You

For I know You are faithful my God; For I know You are faithful my God
For I know You are faithful my God; For I know You are faithful my God

From the land of the barren; We will cry out for rain
Fill our hearts O God; I will keep trusting You

Your Spirit inside of me holds me close; Your wonderful presence I let go
I cleanse my hands to burn my heart; I cry out for love You set me apart


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